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  2. INFO Captures: Linden Combo: User:Pass (make sure to clean your combo before running because these characters ";" "," "-" "_" can cause false hits, crash or just wasting checks on unhittable usernames) Proxy: Public/semi-hq rotating proxies with a big pool of proxies will work just fine Quality tool which was made privately for me.This tool can make quite a lot of money if you have at least 50+ iq. Big shout out to @Vazity for the help!
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  4. Eminem

    rank question

    You can post on the secoundly sellers without rank, but I suggest to update to post on the Premium sellers and that's mean more customers.
  5. AkiSE

    rank question

    which rank allows me to post in refund section, so I can advertise my service?
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