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  1. Welcome to BreakingIn.to mate.

  2. That would be a no.

  3. 19/09/2020

    Added ban reason on profiles.


  4. It's back, sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Accepted, will have this added really soon.

  6. I  do not think that this would be helpful as of right now. Feel free to request it again in the future though.

  7. Will try to figure this out as it seems to be happening only to you now.

  8. 01/09/2020
    Removed banned members from being displayed on the statistics page.

    Added username icons on Who's online widget.

  9. Yes, it is normal. That's how it works.

  10. Just so you know, it also counts your "visits". I just visited your profile and it did update with my name, so what's the issue here?

  11. This has been solved.

  12. Made the button visible at all times.

  13. 20/08/2020

    Recently Browsing tab has been added on all of the forums and threads.


  14. Solved.

  15. I can vouch for @ApolloArtas he did many designs for me and this forum :) Do not hesitate to use his service

  16. :wub:

  17. ty

  18. I cannot reproduce. Have you tried clearing your cache as suggested above?

  19. Hello,

    The winner is @B4NTER


  20. Uhm, I cannot replicate this. Could you perhaps explains how did you manage to get that to happen?

  21. Count me in.

  22. Added.

  23. It is intended to be that way.

  24. Ranks are being added, never heard of that tool though. Please PM me it

  25. Good try but I would not use that personally. Thank you though for trying <3

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