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  1. glws :pepolove:

  2. This gives me the idea to make a proxy checker, hq post :pepolove:

  3. hq :pepo:

  4. hq as always mate

  5. YouTube Video Downloader


    - Free to use No Auth

    - Fast downloads

    - Video statistics

    - Easy to use & Clean design

    - Stable





    Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0c8cc5d73b818e91b704a82c01703341eb91ae1d898dc87fcb88343c115343c9/detection

    {False positives due to obfuscation}


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  6. 6 hours ago, netflix said:

    Especially Quoting this: {False positives due to heavy obfuscation}

    There is no Heavy Obfuscation in this Programm, the False positives are because the 'Obfuscation'  is pasted from GitHub and they are used for crypters too which is causing false positives. (mostly by skids who are trying to paste their first crypter)

    Now to the 'Heavy Obfuscation', basically for me as an kind of experienced dotnet Reverse Engineer (3-4 Years Experience) There is no Heavy Protection in this Tool.

    1. 'Renamer' / Name, Methods Protection > Has almost no affect to the security besides making it impossible to know what the original name of that class for example was.
    2. 'Call to Calli' / Calli > Is just a pain in the ass to deal with if implemented properly, still not near heavy or strong obfuscation.
    3. 'Hide Methods' / Anti Decompiler / Decompiler Crasher > stolen from GitHub, every Hide Method can be manually taken out or there are tools that do that in about 1 seconds.
    4. Control Flow Obfuscation > Is known (GitHub) and can be removed by my Private Tool.
    5. IL Flooder > Pretty sure that's its modified of the GitHub original, doesn't need to be taken out at all, but can be removed. This Feature will cause massive performance issues in its current state.
    6. Constants > I was actually surprised, I haven't seen them before but wasn't dealing with GitHub skidded Obfuscators for a long time, cant barely tell if they are from GitHub but im pretty sure that i have seen something similar before.

    Basically that's it.
    Analyzed within 15 Minutes of time, maybe i have over seen something but yeah.
    Your tool is not really protected and someone with knowledge or just with the right tools can get the whole source within an matter of minutes.
    Im here to inform you that this is not an way of securing your code.

    best regards,

    Interested in an *godlike* Developer, IT-/Security Solutions, Project Manager or Reverse Engineer?
    Feel free to contact me.

    :kek: Where do I start, 

    First of all this is a low effort tool, there are many proxy scrapers online and there is nothing particularly special about this one so I don't see the why to use good obfuscation. That essay about the obfuscator I used is extremely unnecessary , I'm not to into C# but if this tool was paid or something I would not use a obfuscator like this one and last you are ruining the purpose of hidden content anyone can see the download link. Oh and please don't advertise your "Godlike" developer skills on my thread, thanks :pepolove:

  7. gib http proxy :yes:

  8. :poggers:

  9. Happy New Year :ok:

  10. I'll join why not. Gl all and ty for the giveaway

  11. why so hq

  12. Bump :)

  13. hq :pepo:

  14. hq as always

  15. fix hidden content

  16. Vouch Copy? GLWS :pepo:

  17. hq

  18. Vouch great guy, GLWS

  19. 48 minutes ago, Jocker said:

    I can add some of them if a HQ version is provided because as I see most of them are just looking bad.

    All emotes in various sizes can be found here: https://betterttv.com/

  20. GLWS 

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  23. Good luck all

  24. up

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