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  10. I added tons of new accounts and there is a new and redesigned seller panel! 

  11. SUBPRODUCTS AND STOCK PAGE V2! The past days I have been working on subproducts, like groups on Shoppy. They declutter the user interface and make it easier for me to add new products and makes it easier for you to sell them. Logitech Serials, League accounts in different regions, Whatever you may think of! Because of this, I am also asking you for ideas. Whatever you may be selling, I believe that I can now support it in Stocky. Send me a DM or open a ticket! I also just added a new Stock page for everyone to use! It features all the accounts, if it is in stock or not, the subproducts, product groups, everything you may need on your fingertips, all made by yours truly! I am very excited to share this with you! I am also going to be starting the promotion of Stocky in a few days. I want to assure you that I have NOT started promoting the project, and I cannot wait to do that! I am still taking in ANY recommendations you may have. DMs or in a ticket, however you want. Thank you very much to everyone!

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    We have made custom checkers for our members!
    What this means is that you can download these checkers from the link below, set your proxies, combolist, Stocky UID, and price for each account, and the checker will start cracking!
    If a hit is found, it is sent directly to our website, where it will be immediately set available for sale. If you're the cheapest on the platform, the money's yours! [/spoiler]

    Download link:  Here! 


    - [MORE INFO] -

    Stocky is the first Web-based, market-focused Account Stock market.

    The basic idea is that sellers submit their accounts in various ways, such as using our custom checkers that send the hits directly to our website.

    After that, the accounts are put up for sale, where buyers are able to buy them.

    The platform automatically decides which combo will be sold to the buyer. The cheapest account will be selected for sale first.

    After the account is selected, the integrated checkers will check that specific account and make sure it works before giving it to the customer.

    If the account doesn't work, the next cheapest account will be selected and checked, guaranteeing that the user will receive a working account for the cheapest price in the market.

    The "Purchased Accounts" page gives buyers a list of all the accounts they have purchased when they want it, separated by type of account, and then sorted by soonest first.

    Sellers have their own specialized "Change your Prices" Page where tons of statistics and details are listed for each type of account to inform sellers of the current prices and help them make a decision for the price they want to set their accounts to.

    Various types of graphs are available for each type of account, the user's purchases or sales, or the site's general sales, that will help users make informed and rational decisions.

    All in all, Stocky is the platform for all account sellers from the famous ones to the starting ones, and the platform for the buyer that wants to get the best account for the cheapest deal.
    You can contact me at Telegram: CloutNTO, on the discord server where you can make a ticket, or at our support ermail, [email protected]stocky.cc .



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    Join the Discord server by pressing on the picture!

  14. 13 minutes ago, Martin said:

    Make username longer than 12 characters

    no ur username is shit


  15. shittiest shop of the internets -vouch owner gay his name is martin littledick i have seen his id its shit name small peepee not worth



  16. well made forum with tons of potential. Glad i got to be here for the release :pepo:

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