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[WTS] Akamai Bypass Access - One copy.

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Hello, i will be selling copy to access to my akamai sensor data generator. You will get access for a month. 

Unfortunately, this does not work with vanilla openbullet. Akamai detects openbullet ciphers basically meaning that it will die after 20-50 checks. If you can get a way to randomize/spoof cipher suites for OB, it will work.


Beside that this sensor data generator is API based and will work for c#,python,etc checkers (if u randomize cipher suites)


I will no longer be active on nulled, here or basically anywhere else, please read my nulled thread to learn  more


Starting offer for one month access: $150. Highest bid will get access


Willing to give a trial aswell for serious inquires. 

and proof of working 

 add my discord Pured#2212

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