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GiftCarder CA | Modulable GiftCard Generator & Checker | 3700+ Websites | 10k+ CPM

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GiftCarder CA - The best giftcard multi-checker in the game
(GiftCarder CA is just a name, GiftCarder CA isn't limited to Canada and has modules for a wide variety of countries)

Scrap all those expensive, slow and outdated GiftCard generators and Checkers
GiftCarder CA is an all new, Fast, All In One, Modulable giftcard checker & generator

(this software is made by Bot Beater (me) and me alone, I have no affiliation with xPolish, FireCards or anyone else)
(this software is only made to bruteforce giftcards, I do not condone carding or credit card thief)


GiftCarder CA comes with many great features notably:

- Fast asynchronous tasks (up to 10000+ CPM)
- Over 2800+ pre-installed modules (with more added weekly)
- 3700+ Websites and merchants (some modules work for more than one website)
- Included Module Maker with responsive GUI/TUI
- Different checking modes such as Random generated cards (based on patterns), Card Range checking and Combolists
- Alphanumerical cards support
- Pin support
- Luhn algorithm checking
- Captcha support with 2captcha, Anticaptcha, ImageTyperz, Capmonster and XEvil
- Token, Cookie and Session support
- Proxy support
- Module support
- Extensive module making documentation
- Custom number of Thread/Workers
- Pre-installed patterns and valids
- Auto-save
- Debug and dev tools
- Cheap lifetime licenses
- Automaticly updating "in-the-cloud" modules
- And much much more


GiftCarder CA comes included with over 2800 modules out of the box for a grand total of 3700+ supported websites, with more modules being added weekly.
These websites can range from Restaurants, Food, Clothing, Shopping, Hotels, Amusement Parks, Activities, Home Decor, And more...
There's modules for every country! Not just Canada, there's modules that work in Canada, America, South-America, France, UK, Belgium, Most of Europe, Even Africa!
If you own a Shoppy shop that sells giftcards, don't worry, GiftCarder CA most probably supports them and can easily replace your old and dusty checking software

For a complete list of all 2800+ modules, feel free to join our Discord or check the full list at https://giftcarder.ca/modules but here's a list of some of the modules we offer:
Modules get patched fast, BUY NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
- Best Buy (patched)
- Deezer
- Clarks
- Acer
- Chuck'E Cheese
- SwipeIt merchants
- MyGuestAccount merchants
- Givex Merchants
- Ben & Jerry's
- Texas RoadHouse
- Victoria's Secret (patched)
- Chanel
- Under Armour (patched)
- Jysk (Captcha Bypass)
- Jamba Juice
- Insomnia Cookies (Fixed)
- Fandango
- & more!

+ I do take module requests if you're unable to make them yourself!
+ 20% of all profit I make goes into buying GiftCard patterns/valids so that you guys don't have to provide your own!


Here are some examples of what checking looks like:





Here's what the customers say about GiftCarder CA!


But don't let others tell you what to think, the tools speaks for itself!


How much does it cost?

GiftCarder CA is one of the CHEAPEST in the game costing only 45€ for a LIFETIME license, yes that's right, lifetime, no monthly fees or hidden costs!
These prices are subject to change though! With GiftCarder CA expanding, so will it's price! So get it while it's still hot!

Where can I buy?

You can buy this software through our Shoppy AutoBuy!

-> https://shoppy.gg/+GiftCarder <-

I accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Paypal (For Paypal DM GiftCarder#0001 on Discord)!

Get in contact

Feel free to join our Discord or telegram to chat with me and other customers!

Discord: https://giftcarder.ca/invite

Telegram: https://giftcarder.ca/telegram


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Can you please add me on discord and send me a invite link to your server or DM me on here



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