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[HOT] Make 200$ daily with hunter/sniper 100% works

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Hello everyone , today i will present you a new hunter method to get real money from a low invest!

Crypto Deposits and Cash Outs Accepted!!!

Step 1)
First create one account on https://luckarena.com/?reff=fband or https://luckarena.com

Step 2)
After that deposit minim 30$ for hunter bets.


put 1$ bet for the moment
after that wait for players to put more bets like total jackpot 30-40$

and the last 2 second add more bet like 25-35$ you will have big chance to win all money
you will win easy money every time.

Don't abuse on this !!

andddd after


easy money :P
Do this just on time from 1 hour .

every hous you will make 40-70$ with this method.

profff withdraw:


good luck to everyone!!!!!

Be carefull please do all step by step!!!!!

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the ideea is to bet more ON THE LAST SECONDS (last 2-3-4 seconds) to have better chances to win and other players will not have time to bet more for better chances

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So your method is to snipe a jackpot which works in some cases but this is not a good strategy as it is going to be 50/50 most the time. 

Abit click bait as this is obviously not going to work every time, i would also avoid using gambling to make money. 

Gonna buy a fire signature soon.

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On 5/17/2020 at 9:07 PM, GameDDD22 said:


a second way to make money with https://luckarena.com/?reff=fband or https://luckarena.com is to promote the website

in this case you will earn 35% to 50% rev share

minimum cash out is 10$

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new game added - CoinFlip

please note, my strategy works only at Jackpot Game

both games are peer-to-peer games

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check this video on youtube to see in which way a player made 50$ on luckarena in few minutes

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