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Upgrades FAQ

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Upgrades F.A.Q

Q) What are the benefits of upgrading my account?

A) You can read all benefits here.


Q) What Payment Methods are accepted?

A) We only accept Bitcoin and Ethereum at the moment.


Q) How long does it take to receive the upgrade?

A) For Ethereum and Bitcoin payments you have to wait for 1 confirmation.


Q) I paid for a rank but I still haven't received it, what to do?

A) Firstly, please wait 30 minutes after the payment. If you still haven't received it, send a PM to @Jocker with title "Upgrade" and include your transaction ID.


Q) I want to gift an upgrade to another member, how can I do so?

A) You can gift an upgrade to a fellow member by using this link and replacing the UserID with the person's UserID you want to upgrade (https://breakingin.to/upgrade?gift=userID)


Q) I want to get refunded, is that possible?

A) No, that is not possible. All sales are final and we do not provide any kind of refunds.

Always confirm via PM before dealing with me.

Rules, Guidelines & Policies 

Forum Rules - Shoutbox Rules - Marketplace Rules - ToS

Helpful Links

Awards - Upgrade - Statistics - FAQ  - DMCA
Need help with upgrades?  PM ME

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