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How to print in C++

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Honestly I'm just making this so I can have the first thread in this section B)


Just type:


std::cout << "Hello World";

std is a namespace which basically means it checks the standard c++ library for the word next to it (cout)

cout means console out, self explanatory.

<< Is saying like output the thing to the right of it. So it'll output our string of text.

and ; is like a full stop.


This is a VERY HQ post, trust me lads

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Posted (edited)

Well true in some form, although you didn't explain how you have to include the standard input/output stream, and what your main function is.

Assuming they have no previous knowledge of C++.

This is also very "error-prone" because you are not ending the line and flushing the output stream (you can use the endl manipulator or the add "\n" on the end)

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