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BTCMANIA.NET / CRYPTOMANIA.GG (Crypto casino domains) + details inside!

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Registrar: Namecheap
Registration date: Jul. 2. 2020.
Expiration date: Jul. 2. 2021.

Logic behind it



I recommend using this name for a online casino involving crypto currencies.

First word of this domain CRYPTO tells potential clients that your platform involves crypto currencies in some sense.

Second word of this domain is MANIA.
This is the definition you can find on Google: "mental illness marked by periods of great excitement or euphoria, delusions, and overactivity."

Domain extension GG stands for "GOOD GAME" which would suit this type of business perfectly.

Domain name is very suggestive and can put your customers in good mood to waste their money on your platform.

I'll list a few methods which you'll most likely want to implement in order to increase user interaction within your platform:

Psychology of colors:

1. Red


Red color, in short, is used as very successful stimuli, if dosed properly.


GAMBLING is ADDICTIVE. This is why you should be aiming for triggering emotional responses.

I recommend using RED color in your LOGO as it will give enough stimuli, to encourage your users to enter the platform. 
As for the content, once the user is registered, I'd still recommend using the RED color, but toning it down with dark background. This time, the user will want to focus on the actual content (games) and red should be used to produce adequate emotional responses.

For example, if you have a game of SLOTS on your website, if a user loses, a message with the RED text will pop up an encourage the user to continue playing the game:

            1. Unpleasant emotions : Use suggestive messages painted in red after user loses:
1.1. YOU LOSE!

People dislike losing, and calling them out for doing just that, when they came on your platform to do the EXACT opposite will make them want to WIN even more!
The keywords in the second message given  in this case are "luck" and "next time". You are suggesting them that it's all about LUCK, which means they can TURN IT ALL AROUND with just one more bet! "NEXT TIME" also encourages them to play even more.




There are many reasons you'll want to use BLACK for your background. I'll list a few of them.

People who gamble often HOLE UP and can't tell what time it is.  Using BLACK as the color of your choice will create a similar effect, making your customers disoriented  and more prone to distractions the red color will provide. Losing a sense of time is what will make your customers spend more time on your website, which is directly related to the profit you'll be making.



You can see the picture I've made using FREE Namecheap LOGO generator which puts logic I've talked about into practice. This is just an example made in a minute and you will get much better results if you think things through.

I don't want to go into more details about what you can do to make your business successful, as I'm currently selling a domain name.

Place your bids


Bids start at $200, with increments of $50.

Accepting BTC/ETH and Western Union.



Domain name: BTCMANIA.NET
Registrar: Namecheap
Registration date: Jul. 2. 2020.
Expiration date: Jul. 2. 2021.


Place your bids


Bids start at $100, with increments of $25.

Accepting BTC/ETH and Western Union.






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Started from selling domains, to giving psychology lessons. Thanks for the info :kek:

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