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UDEMY ACCOUNT WITH COURSES Taken from other website

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[email protected]:emphasis123 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Agile Project Management-Scrum Framework-Certification Prep]
[email protected]:Patanjali1 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [CCNA 2019 200-125 Video Boot Camp With Chris Bryant]
[email protected]:iwtbagpits | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Free Traffic Strategy To Promote InfoBarrel Articles]
[email protected]:thenit | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Blockchain ICO Course 2018: Invest in NextGen Cryptocurrency]
[email protected]:promotion | Courses:  = 26 | Course = [Instagram Marketing 2020: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Followers, Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing, MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO, Digital Marketing Agency - The Works!, Value Investing Bootcamp: How to Invest Wisely, Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills, The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1, Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro, Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch, Become a SuperLearner® 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory, Forex Robots: Automate Your Trading - Forex Robot Included!, Investing In Stocks  The Complete Course! (11 Hour), Business Analysis Fundamentals, Project Management Certification | Project Management Course, Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management; Agile Delivery, Overcome Difficult People - Assertiveness with Games Players, Master Marketing Strategy for your Business, How to build a marketing and strategy plan, Complete Wordpress Training For Beginners, Wordpress for Beginners - Master Wordpress Quickly, Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!, Leading Effective 1-on-1 Meetings: Win loyalty and retention, Marketing Management Masterclass - 13 in 1 MBA Level Course, 101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You In Business School, Online Digital Marketing University - Part 1, #1 Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment Opportunity 2017/2018]
[email protected]:solace | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners]
[email protected]:discovery123A | Courses:  = 10 | Course = [PMP Exam Prep Seminar -  PMBOK Guide 6, Investing In Stocks  The Complete Course! (11 Hour), Stock Market Foundations, Stock Market Investing for Beginners, Introduction to Project Management, Intro to PHP Web Application Development with Symfony, Free Lean Six Sigma Primer, BIM for Infrastructure Megaprojects, Accounting–Financial Accounting Total-Beginners to Advanced, Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 1)]
[email protected]:josefina2005 | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [Sellado con ganache y bordes perfectos, Photoshop para novatos:  ¡desde cero hasta experto!]
[email protected]:19manila88 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Financial Modeling and Valuation Course]
[email protected]:[email protected] | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [Learn Complete Python In Simple Way, Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners]
[email protected]:zola25 | Courses:  = 9 | Course = [SEO 2019 - Safe, Effective Search Engine Optimization, SEO Primer - Search Engine Optimization for Beginners, Capitalism in Crisis: The global economic crisis explained, Wordpress SEO, Search Engine Optimization - Keyword Research, Make Money Online, Energy Economics and the Environment, Ecommerce Basics for your New Business, Learn the basics of how to Setup an Ecommerce Store.]
[email protected]:dev12345 | Courses:  = 6 | Course = [Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers), Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R, SAP FICO Financial Accounting, Selenium Webdriver Automate 10 commercial Sites - Basics C1, Selenium WebDriver Training with Java and Many Live Projects, Angular 8 - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition)]
[email protected]:2354621 | Courses:  = 4 | Course = [AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exam, Learn bash scripting from scratch, Learn Web API in 7 Days - The Ultimate Web API Tutorial, SQL Masterclass: SQL for Data Analytics]
[email protected]:melincholy | Courses:  = 10 | Course = [Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS, iOS 7 & Mac OS X Programming Tutorial - Objective C & Xcode, Become a Web Developer from Scratch, Creating Responsive Web Design, Learning Dynamic Website Design - PHP MySQL and JavaScript, Web Programming with Python, Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours, Programming Java for Beginners - The Ultimate Java Tutorial, Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired), The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!]
[email protected]:jasper60 | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [Learn to Code JavaScript web designers and developers quick, Learn How To Code: Google's Go (golang) Programming Language]
[email protected]:280485 | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop, Build. Measure. Learn. Lean Startup SXSW 2012.]
[email protected]:Uzz!2511 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [The Ultimate Product Owner]
[email protected]:suh1212 | Courses:  = 3 | Course = [Becoming A Writer, Salary Negotiation: Learn the Negotiation Mindset, Operations Management]
[email protected]:as102030 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Curso Gratuito de Fotografia]
[email protected]:jesuse10 | Courses:  = 3 | Course = [Curso OnLine de Edição de Vídeo para Educação a Distância, Curso completo de Desenvolvimento Web - Crie 6 projetos, Edição gráfica para materiais didáticos no Canva]
[email protected]:lixin0715 | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch, Coding for Entrepreneurs Basic]
[email protected]:nbm2nbpbbms | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Programming Java for Beginners - The Ultimate Java Tutorial]
[email protected]:tarintarin | Courses:  = 7 | Course = [Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developer's Guide, Cartoon Drawing Learn by Cheating, Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery, Angular 8 - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition), Spring Framework 5: Beginner to Guru, The Complete Salesforce Classic Administrator Certification, Docker for Java Developers]
[email protected]:ruavital | Courses:  = 3 | Course = [Macros VBA para Excel Completo - Construa 7+ Ferramentas, Fast MBA - Empreendedorismo, Negócios e Startups na Prática., Planejamento e Gestão de Projetos COMPLETO + 5 cursos BÔNUS]
[email protected]:icecream8 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Uber Analytics Test]
[email protected]:powerv | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Ms Project 2019 - do Básico ao Avançado]
[email protected]:senouane09 | Courses:  = 2 | Course = [Créer sa première boutique Shopify + Facebook Ads, Music Production in Logic Pro X - The Beginners Guide!]
[email protected]:gustavo1987 | Courses:  = 1 | Course = [Power BI Máster en poco tiempo - Desktop, Móvil y en la Nube]

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