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How To Not Be A Leecher?!

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Aight, so here is tutorial on how to not be a leecher!

First thing that you wanna know is that You don't just take accounts, guides, tutorials etc.

It's okay if You reply to someone's topic to see "Hidden Content",  but You gotta give something back, and by this i don't mean on likes, but it's appreciated and motivating if You do.

What You wanna do is make your own Topics, it doesn't have to be something cracking related! Just do something You're good in!


You are good in video games, then go to GAMING section of this forum and make some guide for someone that isn't good in it.

Anyways, if You aren't good in nothing, or You want to learn cracking, go to CRACKING TUTORIALS section of this forum, and learn cracking, then you can share things that You don't need with this forum, in exchange for things You need.

Just remember, you can't make something from nothing! It's always good to learn something new!

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Doing Custom Checkers, DM me on site or discord Unique#3229

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Nice, maybe someone will understand this >D


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