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[ Beginners Guide ] Breakingin.to Members - Part 1

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This Guide is dedicated to new members or those who dont have any experiences of forums how thing works or what to do !

So if you're Reading this, firstly i Welcome you all in forum, Enjoy Your Stay in Forum and read this guide :) 


Part 1 of Guide 


1. Read Forum Rules






2. Shoutbox Chatting Rules







3. Buy Forum Upgrades


 A)   spacer.png


B )  Select Rank that u want to buy and wait 5- 10 mins if u paid via Cryptocurrency.








4. How to Create New Topics


Suppose u has something to share with community, for e,g:- u got source code of your tool and u want to share with community. then u need to follow:- 

Here You can see menu's for community. Different menu has different Sections. So first thing u need to do is to click on these menu buttons to see sections. 






So whatever your topic fits into section you just need to select that section as shown in above image.

We are talking here example of source code ok. so i will go to Source Code section. 







Click On Start New Topic Button, new page appears as below








So Here u need to Put Title for your topic/post and write text in body area of post. You can see various options in toolbar to make text big , colorful and other stuff.. and dont forget to use hidden tags in your topic as show in image above. it is necessary to use Hide Tags to avoid leechers talking stuff for free.

So according to your topic section  you can make topic in above manner





5. Need Staff Support related to forums issues ?


If you need any help regarding forums issues, or you has some issues with payment issues regarding you can make topic here 








Read Part 2 of guide Here :>   




Part 2 of the guide : 


Leechers appreciate  by clicking this arrowspacer.png 



Beginners Guide :-  Part 1 and Part 2



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