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[ Beginners Guide ] Breakingin.to Members - Part 2

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This Guide is dedicated to new members or those who dont have any experiences of forums how thing works or what to do !

So if you're Reading this, firstly i Welcome you all in forum, Enjoy Your Stay in Forum and read this guide :) 


Part 2 of Guide 


1.  How to Report Topics that violates forum rules

If you find any topic that is violating forum rules in any way u can report in this way .

Go to particular topic and follow below image steps:-






2.  How to Search Topic

If you want to search any content posted earlier in forum follow :- 









3.  How to not be Leecher

What is a leecher?

A leecher is someone who make new account in forum just for take content for free without giving back any contribution in Forum.


What to do to not being Leecher ? 

Forum have many sections in which you can post and share good and quality content that you can share with community. 

You can share any kind of leaks , tutorials, tools, that can be useful for any kind of people group. so basically u can share any stuff u has with u.. 

That considers as contribution in forum and you will not consider as Leechers and in this way you can avoid leechers ban.

And if someone post content , if you find content useful u should leave a like on that content to motivate poster to share more such contents.. Likes boost poster motivation and he shares more content







4.  How to give reputation to member

Head Over to Member Profile and Click on Star icon as shown in image


Click on Give Reputation button  as shown in image below image , u can select , neutral or +rep or -rep according to your rank here. and additionally u can write some text also in reputation. 

Click on Submit Button  





5.  How to get Auth Key  ?







6.  Forum Awards






7.  How to buy Bits ?





8.  How to buy Username Icons ?









Leechers appreciate  by clicking this arrowspacer.png 



Beginners Guide :-  Part 1 and Part 2



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