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[9.99€] Instagram Autocommenter v3 (become first & top comment on big pages)

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Perfect to gain followers by being the first & top comment on a post from a big page.


What is this?
This software is made for you to become the top comment on instagram posts.
Why would you want that? It's a very good and efficient way to get exposure. Get follwers, get link clicks etc.


How does it work?
It constantly searches for new posts on your desired targets. Whenever it finds a new posts, it comments one of your desired texts. Everything is configurable in the config. You can even configure it so it only comments if the post is newer than X seconds. It works on public & privates accounts. If you wish to give your comment an extra boost you can use the built in JustAnotherPanel API (buying likes for your comments)



  • Auto updating
  • Support for JustAnotherPanel.com (if you wish to buy likes for each comment)
  • Anti Ratelimiter (BETA)
  • Target multiple accounts
  • Custom comments (how many you want)
  • Set custom sleeptime between requests
  • Works on private accounts
  • Support for 2FA, sus logins/challenges
  • Caches the login session on file so instagram don't hit you with the challenges/2FA's
  • Very low CPU/Memory/Network usage
  • Set maximum comments per hour

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