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Amazon Cookie Pumper - AZMOM

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Today we will release the official version 3.1.0, with function

  • Add to cart: Put the item in the cart
  • Add to list: Put the item in the Wishlist
  • Comment questions: Think carefully before choosing this function
  • View history: Review the items you have ever visited
  • Helpful click: Click to Helpful when you read the comment
  • Item view: View products
  • View TOP 100 item: Same the name, the app will go to TOP100 of items
  • Play Video: Play video with configure time
  • Configure time and speed

Changelog 3.1.0:

  • Max Session - For security! If you encounter it please contact me via telegram
  • Remove Path Profiles (Will update soon)
  • Fixed SelectTwisterSizeAction --- 'maxValue' must be greater thanzero.
  • Actions will be different after each run
  • Notify if new versions are available
  • A number of other smaller fixes.

Starting from the version, we have updated an extensive feature; it can help you to have more success rates.
That is the feature, which automatically changes the rate of occurrence of the actions. I will give you the same example

  • The first time you run, you will go to the History of amazon to see the items that you have ever come (But it only shows up 20%)
  • And next time you run, you probably won't see the software taking you into the History area anymore, as it only has a 20% chance of appearing.

We will allow you to configure it for future versions, for some sensitive reasons. We can't do it right now
Why we have to do it. Because the same action is repeated over and over, amazon will catch you and put you in the toilet with a cannot be shipped email

:pog:        BUY IT NOW       :kekw:

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Changelog 3.1.1:

3.1.1 Release

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