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vDorks Best DorksAIO Tools (Automatic Dork Maker), Tons of features.

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First ever automatic dorkmaker

> With this "automatic DorkMaker", you can make thousand of dorks within seconds/minutes etc..
> You got planty of options to make the dorks, and guess what? ITS AUTOMATIC, all you need is to use `vDorks.exe` to grab keywords, simple as that.
> The tool gets constantly updated, so expect more things on it :ezgif19bcb779205a0: 
Without further in, let me introduce vDorks private DorkMaker v3...

1. MainPage (first when you logging in)

2. Choosing a Dorktype (multiple options, with tons of dorktypes inside)

3. (if you choosed the country target, there's the options you get)

4. Automatic randomizer after generating  Wooow

Generate dorks within seconds.

PepePopcorn  Thanks for all support.

Automatic DorkMaker Changelog!

Changes: New DorkTypes

2 Search Function only dorktypes
Search Functions + Country Target
Bing Target Dork Types
All search engine + country target
Reversed Dorking ( Not all Search engines supported)
Ultimate Dorking (Not all engines supported)
Google/ Mywebsearch - Dorktypes 
Bing Dorktypes

^^ Newest update + the other from old version https://prnt.sc/u96xst


vDorks - 7 Days ($8.50)
vDorks - 14 Days ($14.20)
vDorks - 30 Days ($27.10)

vDorks - LifeTime ($150.00)

Dorks Categories:

1. Gaming
2. Streaming
3. Shopping

4. Mixed
5. Porn 


1. Filter
2. Parser
3. Hash Cracker

4. Dumper ( currently under maintenance , will be up soon)
4. Vulnerability Scanner 
5. Combo Editor 
6. Text Editor 
7. Keyword Scraper 
8. Automatic Dork Maker

Server for purchase: https://discord.gg/aaaWGhq

[Image: Amusing.png] [Image: Amusing.png]

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