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[Free Nitro] Discord Auto Gift Claimer Software - Only 4$ - Reseller Plan - Cheapest & Fastest

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This software will claim any gifts such as Discord Nitro etc sent in servers that you are a member of.

You can also claim the gifts that you receiving to another Discord account. (for example you can get your friend account and set it to claim to his account but "listen" for gifts from your account)


how does it work?


You will join a lot of Discord servers (the more the better).

Then whenever someone sends a valid gift (people do that a lot) it will be auto claimed to your account.

You can use it on your computer or a remote desktop server, that runs 24/7.

After using it for a while:




Buy here:




What will I get with the re-seller version?


You will be able to approve and disapprove an unlimited amount of hwids
Private support via Discord

And make some nice money!


Buy re-seller plan here:





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