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My list of perfection.

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Hello 'Netflix' here.
Here is a list of thing i might, Add, Remove or optimize:

- Things i would Add -
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin 'showcase' at the right.
I'd add more username items be creative. (with Abilities too)
More different Highlight Topic styles
More Awards:
2FA (Achieved by enabling 2FA) | Coder (Achieved by releasing an stunningly amount of Auth tools) and some other things.
More Premium Sub-Cat:
Methods, E-Books and all that
I personally would move the Coding & RE section including Webmaster Resources and Graphics in an whole tab. (makes the whole stuff more 'findable'.)
Maybe some kind of Anti-Leeching system ( 3 Threads : 25 Posts. (only contains non-upgraded users.)) to avoid 0 contribution.
Give users the chance to buy custom emojis with bits or let them add their own with custom emoji with bits.
Ability to display btc address on profile
Ability to display Telegram, Discord on profile.

- Things i would remove as of its current state -
xmas theme, its not xmas anymore but still gives good vibes.

- Things i would optimize/change -
Sometimes when reloading website shoutbox is only displaying newest message half.
Grays should be allowed to set their cover, or at least give them the opportunity to change its color, like only red, green.
Make it able so when i right click the name on sb i can see my total shouts and etc.
- Not any improvement or anything: stick up with the yearly event awards -

This are my opinions, since im a new member, this were some of the first thoughts I had when inspecting the forum like some fed.
please do not bully me im no englishky :(*

best regards,

Additional Information: this is not an complete list because i were not able to view further and deeper into issues, bugs and other stuff.
i might make another list of things id add, remove or change/improve.

Always confirm via PM before dealing with me.

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Cool suggestions +1

Free Amazon Refunds < 250$ :pepo:

pm me on discord Regorce#1337 or telegram @regorce

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