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Pizza Hut US Rewards Order4u - Cheap Pizza, Boneless Wings, Breadsticks!

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UPDATE: The Medium any topping option is no longer available and has been replaced by Cinnabon mini-rolls!

If you're interested you can contact me via Discord which is Candor#1253 or Telegram @Preaux


Hello! I'm offering a simple and unique service which lets you get anything from the Pizza Hut US rewards program for very cheap prices! I use coupon codes tied to an account in my possession in order to process orders. You'll be provided with a confirmation which will show all items were from rewards. Keep in mind this is CARRY-OUT ONLY due to Pizza Hut requiring a minimum total for orders to be eligible for delivery. The following are the items I offer:

  • Large any toppings pizza - $4 (Excluding promotional crust or specialty sauces. Stuffed crust and extra cheese aren't covered via rewards and will incur an additional charge which you'll pay at the carry-out location)
  • Cinnabon mini-rolls - $3
  • Medium 2-toppings pizza - $2 (Original pan isn't covered via rewards for this option. You can either choose two different toppings or one topping and put it as "extra" since that counts as two)
  • 8-piece boneless wings - $2 (Bone-in wings are not available via rewards)
  • Breadsticks - $1

I also offer bundle prices for multiple pizzas! Let me know what you're looking to order and I'll give you a total. I accept Paypal F&F, Cashapp, and various crypto as payment. If you're ready to make an order get in touch with me via my Discord which is Candor#1253 or Telegram @Preaux


Hope to hear from you soon! pepochu.gif

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vouch very hq

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